Spiritual Art by Maria Granberg

Since the summer of 2013 I have painted out of contact with the Energys through my heart.

There is no intentional message in the paintings I do, it is up to the viewer. To paint from the heart is a way to find/convey an inner calmness, as well as the opportunity to develop and/or manifest a creative side out of your inner guidance and contact with the Higher.

The painting is the expression of the creativity and inspiration that manifests through you.

Latest Art


For more pictures, check instagram: SpiritArt888

Contact: +46702607643

Need some inspiration?
Do you want to try to paint out from your heart?

Workshop content, 2 days workshop:

We will work on the basis of the Energies and what emerges from them during the workshop weekend.
This means that workshop content may vary. Minimum age 12 years.

Day 1: 10am to 6pm
Opening the energies; meditation
Painting Session
End of day 1

Day 2: 10 am-4pm
Opening the energies; meditation
Painting Session
Completion workshop

Price for weekend workshop: SEK 1480 incl VAT

Included in the price:
Guidance in painting, meditation. Loan of easel.
Coffee/tea, simple vegetarian lunch, not dinner

Purchase of paint, brushes, color palette, painting tools, canvas.
Note; Specify the wishes in the application

Interest registration is sent via e-mail:
For more info, call +46 (0)70-260 76 43