Energy Workshop

Welcome to a workshop where we go on a journey together and get the chance to experience the Energy that comes through CHAAS 24-13 and the Angels that are present on that day. Also we have the opportunity to discover more about ourselves and our thoughts and feelings and where they come from.

The Energys are changing rapidly right now. Many of us experience these changes in different ways. We are on our way to a new era.
Depending on what The Other World indicates for the day, you will get experiences with The Energys according to your own level.

During the Workshop we have live contact via Skype with CHAAS and THE ENERGY of CHAAS 24-13
You will come in contact with Angels, and Energys from different dimensions.

Forces / energies that affect us in a negative way will be disconnected according to the program as indicated by The Other World.

Upcoming Workshops